Company LAMDA EMPORIKI was founded in 1978 and activates itself in the space of systems of optical projection and communication, in the systems of promotion of sales and applied graphic design. ψυφιακό Λάβαρο

The multiannual experience with combination the continuous research for new and original ideas, new products and innovations, they bring the more ideal results.

The even educated and specialized executives of company are ready give solution in your any need, with absolute consequence, speed and quality, and to provide the direct and continuous technical support.

The technologies that are used are the systems of digital printings, printings offset, treatment of plastic PVC, special manufactures.


More specifically certain applications and products that are created are:

Signals of (army, police, college, security, athletic teams, etc.
Outdoor projection
Cover of vehicles
Exhibition manufactures
Equipment of shops
Shop-in-shop, special manufactures

Enterprising gifts
Athletic clothing
Working clothingΑστυνομία

The productive possibilities can serve individual needs as well as solutions for mass production.

The vision of company is the need and the thought of customer to be changed in idea and to lead to concretization.